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About us

About Global Service Hub LLC

Global Service Hub LLC is a leading business process management company

Global Service Hub Inc. leads in business process management, seamlessly integrating industry insights with advanced technology for innovative digital solutions. Our commitment extends to crafting tailored Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services that address each client’s unique challenges and align with their specific needs and objectives.

How We Can Help You

Our primary goal is to offer comprehensive solutions to the healthcare industry, encompassing a range of services. Our expertise extends to providing both complete assortments and stand-alone options for Revenue Cycle Management Services. Additionally, we specialize in delivering Technology Solutions, offering HIPAA Compliance consulting, implementing Transition models for change management, optimizing Workforce management, and providing state-of-the-art Practice Management Software.

Our Vision

An Outstanding organization with exceptional people workplace of choice.

  • Keep Your Data Secure.
  • Provide Easy Access to Your Claims Data.
  • Deliver Detailed and Useful Month End Reports.
  • Constantly Improve Technology and Services.
  • Ongoing Training Opportunities.

Our Mision

Performance is a game-changing difference between the survival and dramatic growth of companies globally.

Creating brand differentiation for our clients and enabling them to outperform with our passion for service and innovation is our singular mission.

Our Values

To be open, honest and fair… whatever we do, we do it right, and we do it together

What We Offer

Medical Billing

In the dynamic healthcare environment, the costs of medical billing mistakes are rising for providers. Our customized solutions aim to boost your revenue efficiency, managing pre-authorizations to denials with precision. Trust us to navigate the complexities of medical billing, safeguarding your revenue and minimizing financial setbacks.

Medical Coding & Audits

In the revenue cycle, medical coding is crucial for accurately coding medical charts. Our services focus on improving coding quality, precision, and compliance, optimizing reimbursement outcomes. We ensure the appropriate use of codes, enhancing the overall efficiency of your revenue cycle and providing a seamless, compliant financial workflow for healthcare providers.

Accounts Receivable Management

Effectively handling accounts receivable (A/R) is a multifaceted challenge with direct implications for an organization’s margins, debt, and overall financial well-being. Recognizing the intricacies of the collections process, we assist our clients in minimizing days in A/R, ensuring they receive payments more promptly and at a reduced cost.

Denial Management

Uncover payer denial trends, resubmit corrected claims, and optimize reimbursement with our denial management service. We simplify the process of handling denials, implementing proactive measures to prevent future occurrences.

Why you Should Hire us:

    Enhancement model of existing process
    95% accuracy for all providers.
    Time-bound turnaround time for all denials and claim submissions.
    No training or implementation costs
    Live and producing results in 2 weeks
    Increase your patients seen per day
    Avoid 20% recruitment fees
    Avoid extra cost on onsite staff
    99.9% attendance with FREE back-ups
    End-of-Day Productivity Reports
    Monthly revenue report