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AR Services

Say Goodbye to your Healthcare organization’s huge AR Backlog.

AR Package

We offer customized A/R Packages to suit the individual needs of hospitals & clinics.

AR Process

The core fundamentals of our A/R process is to guarantee practitioners get paid correctly and in a timely manner.

Old A/R Recovery

No matter how old the ageing buckets, our follow-up goal set is to collect the monies upfront in as little time as possible.

24/7 Account Receivable Management Services

Global Services Hub offers technology-powered Account receivable recovery services to enable hospitals and health systems to liquidate legacy AR. Free up revenue backlogs with a team that works 24/7 to do just that. Reduce days in AR and bad debt. We will show you how.

24/7 AR recovery services: Save 16 hours a day. We work 24/7 and whether you are a health system or a hospital we get the end goal and work towards it

Decrease costs: Reduce the cost of Account Receivable management services and inject more cash flow into your organization

Gain more flex: We customize our AR resolution services to align with various payment models and settings of care. We are flexible and responsive to your needs.

Tech powered: AR Analyzer, our Account Receivable management platform helps to liquidate the most difficult to collect AR dollars

We Quarterback Your Entire Accounts Receivable Operations
AR is recovered at any stage of the aging bucket so you don’t have to give up on the 180+ days pending AR dollars. We follow an effective methodology to handle every single segment of your Account Receivable cycle. Lower internal expenses and close out AR backlogs quickly.

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Client AR Challenges and Solutions that we offered

The Problem

One of our mental health clients had a problem sending claims to the right payer and more than $100K was in pending AR.

The Problem

DenialAnalyzer, our denial management and reporting app, gives you realtime insights

The Problem

Our OBGYN client stated that their in-house AR staff does follow-ups and does not get the claims paid.

Our Solution

Global Services Hub analyzed and found that a particular group of patients had an insurance carrier that had separate mental health accounts receivable management coverage that the front office staff failed to notice.

Our Solution

Redundant processes are automated. This cuts back on cycle times. Recover money faster.

Our Solution

When we investigated we found that their AR staff only refiled the claims that received payment and did not fix the underlying problems resulting in them eventually writing off $50K worth of claims every quarter. We then identified it to be a pending documentation claim where insurance has sent multiple correspondences to submit. Our Account Receivable management team quickly coordinated with their records department recovered the correspondence and had those claims submitted with proper documentation, and got them paid.