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Coding Support

Powerful, scalable and cost-effective coding solutions!

Medical coding services is incredibly tough in the post-reform environment. It doesn’t begin and end with assigning appropriate codes to medical services, like match the following exercises in kindergarten. You need to work with experienced and credentialed coders who know their way around your EHR, to maximize revenue. You need to work with Global Services Hub.

What are your top challenges?

  • Creating and submitting clean claims on time
  • Staying compliant with federal regulations
  • Coder retention and vacancy bottlenecks
  • Managing overheads

6 + 3 =

Skilled Personnel

Global Services Hub employs trained personnel to manage your claim denials. All claim reworks are done in the fastest way and are always inspected by our in house quality auditors before resubmission.

Foolproof System

At Global Services Hub we have designed our Denial Management Operation workflow to be streamlined and highly productive. We ensure that your denials are reworked correctly and on time.

State-of-the-art Tech

Global Services Hub provides you with the most optimized and cost-effective software. The DenialBridge is a turnkey software solution. Easily deployable, seamlessly scalable & can be maintained & updated.