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Medical Billing & Claim Management


Maximize Your Time

We manage the large amount of required, but time-consuming, medical and insurance paperwork.

Accounts Receivable

We streamline the work flow from your AR, so that you receive prompt and accurate payments. Within 90 Days

Insurance Credentialing

Earn affiliation with the various insurance providers. Easily submit claims for 3rd party reimbursement.

Billing Services

GSH have mastered the art of generating clean claims for the providers and to accomplish the goal of getting paid through the first submission

Cash Flow Stability

Our services make your office more efficient, which allows you to manage higher patient volumes.

Revenue Cycle Management

We help you identify and monitor the posting of payments, statement processing and collections.

Claims & Aged Accounts

We excel in claims management. We understand the payer’s rules so you can avoid costly denials.

Account Management Reports

Easily track your submitted claims. Weekly reports as well as 30, 60 and 90 day reports are available.

We welcome your billing queries

If you have been in the quest for the apt solution to all your billing queries, then you have landed at the right place.

In the course of your medical practice, it is very natural to come across a situation where you need an instant solution. Possibly one of the following might have has happened during your practice:

  • Your expert billing managers have walked out
  • Your billing service has failed to submit any of your claims for nearly two weeks
  • Your billing service has provided futile or vague information on your reports
  • You yourself are managing all the collections.
  • You are sure that a solution has to be sought immediately else your cash flow will witness sink down

In respect of all the above-mentioned points, we are about to delight you with the fact that, at Global Services Hub we have the desired solutions for any billing query that has to be attended immediately. We value your business equally so we will have you up and running quickly. Our specialists are known for completing the tasks before the pre-decided time frame, quality yet speedy results are what we strive for. 94% or even more of our clients’ claims are paid with a duration of 15 to 30 days We have a record of getting the claims paid in the very first submission In less than 45 days our clients have A/R

Who We are?

  • Global Services Hub is a comprehensive and innovative provider of competent Revenue Cycle Management services to a wide range of healthcare providers in USA.
  • Global Services Hub has a team of specialized and dedicated professionals eager to render their best. We help clients by leveraging our deep insight and knowledge, propelled by strategically designed workflow processes. At Global Services Hub, we are committed to increase clients’ revenue and decrease overheads.
  • We customize our services to suit each and every precise requirement of our clients and ensure that we deliver what we promise: Profitability!

What We Do?

  • We want you to stop worrying about your revenue cycle, and focus on what you should: Your Patients. We at Global Services Hub adopt a simple yet effective approach, which eradicates all the complexities that hinders a provider’s cash flow as well as his practice. Global Services Hub :
  • Increase percentage of collections
  • Reduce number of denied claims
  • Reduce overhead and cost to collect
  • Ensure claim payment on first submission
  • Bring down the aging report Take care of your billing cycle

After outsourcing to GSH

Recovery of old receivables

Allow the practice to invest in brand new hi-tech equipments.

Staff Training

Foreseeing the ever changing industry standards and updates, Now, the expert team at GSH will provide virtual training to the employees of the practice 


We are providing additional services for our provider to have a more strong presence on social media platform which will help them in growing the volume of their business

Ready to Make a Change?

We are ready to help you and your business with cost-effective services. Take a chance to spread the positive aura in your life.