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Patient Eligibility Verification

Verify Benefits and Eligibility for your patients in the fastest way possible.

What is included in the patient eligibility and benefits services?

Obtaining workflow data through various methods:

  • Patient data from EHR/EMR or
    third-party scheduling applications
  • Manual patient data files such as FTP, email, fax, etc

Verification of basic patient registration information:

  • Member and group ID
  • Primary and secondary coverage details

Patient data correction and automation:

  • Fixing invalid patient data.
  • Eligibility and benefits information updating using our proprietary eligibility automation tool.

Expert Eligibility Verification Staff

Global Services Hub has established its eligibility process 14 years ago and we have the most experienced eligibility verification staff. Each of our staff has 5+ year of experience and are trained regularly to keep updated on payer guideline changes, new and merged payers, out-of-network provider eligibility & more.

All-In-One Eligibility Platform

Global Services Hub provides a seamless solution for eliminating denied eligibility claims. Our unique, cloud-based software proactively verifies patient eligibility before claim submission, greatly reducing the risk of denial. Check 100s of patient eligibility verification within minutes.

RPA Eligibility Verification Tech

Our RPA technology increased revenue by $3.5 million for a Northern Georgia healthcare system with 3 hospitals and 245 beds. We found coverage for 4,649 self-pay patients with 60% cost savings. The technology provides 24/7 unattended eligibility verification.

Hire one/combination of services/all, we at Global Services Hub will meet your needs 100%

Prior-Authorization Verification In Patient Eligibility Services


  • Prior-authorization determination and requirements.
  • Submission of authorization paperwork to insurance.
  • Follow-up of the authorization request.
  • Notification and resolution of rejection of authorization application.


We at Global Services Hub offer our providers the most effective automated workflow to bypass patient eligibility denials. Our services ensure a hassle-free experience for both the providers and their patients. We ensure comprehensive eligibility checks through automation tech prior to services rendered. Through our system the provider is immediately informed of pending patient responsibilities, CO-Pay and other dues. We provide an aggressive check system where all patients’ status are verified.

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